Phosphates enabled effective detergents to be first developed some 50 years ago. They remain the most versatile, multi-function component available for performance cleaning products today.

Phosphorus is essential for all living organisms. The sodium phosphate (STPP) widely used in detergents is completely safe. Indeed, it is widely used as a food ingredient.

The multi-function cleaning performance of phosphates means that detergents based on STPP use lower levels of other chemicals, and enable washing at lower temperatures and with shorter wash cycles, saving water, energy and CO2 emissions.

Summary: phosphates in detergents

Detergent phosphate, along with phosphates in human and food wastes, can be recycled into agriculture, biomass production or back into industry. Phosphates are thus the only recyclable detergent ingredient.

The Global Phosphate Forum is an industry association, bringing together manufacturers of detergent phosphates worldwide, to promote phosphates as a sustainable development solution for cleaning products.


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