12-2008 The UK looks at P-recovery

The UK’s official advisory committee on chemicals, ACHS, has recommended that “the feasibility of reusing phosphates recovered from sewage treatment plants should be investigated” concluding that:

“Recovery and use of phosphorus as struvite also offers a number of major sustainable advantages, including natural resource protection of phosphate rocks and environmental enhancements through nutrient recovery / recycling and reduction in greenhouse gases.” ...

“Direct application of treated sewage sludge to agricultural / arable land represents a cost-effective way to recycle multi-nutrients to crops.”

ACHS concludes by recommending that a life-cycle and cost assessment of P-removal and P-recovery be carried out, to assist decision making on investments in sewage works where nutrient removal needs to be installed in coming years (in application of EU sewage treatment and Water Framework Directives).

30th January 2009: ACHS review of the feasibility of recycling phosphates at sewage treatment plants http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/chemicals/achs/pdf/phosphates-review.pdf

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