Revised European phosphate risk assessment validated
A completely revised INIA study assessing the eutrophication risk associated with detergent phosphates in Europe has been validated by the EU scientific committee SCHER, concluding that:

"Eutrophication is a localised problem and is best addressed by locally adapted approaches"

"... at pan-European scale the contribution of the P-based detergents is not playing a major role in the eutrophication process."

SCHER fully validates both the methodology of the INIA study and its overall conclusions, which cover both domestic laundry and domestic dishwasher detergent phosphates, using 2007 phosphate consumption data provided by the detergent industry (AISE)

The revised INIA report uses the official water quality data from the EU member states, collated by the EU Commission Joint Research Centre. This addresses one of the main criticisms made by SCHER of the first INIA report, that the data used was not representative. The number of data points is increased from around 300 to 2600. The new report is thus based on the best data available.

INIA report published on EU Commission official website: "Development of an European quantitative eutrophication risk assessment of polyphosphates in detergents. Model validation using the WFD intercalibration data, model re-calibration and pan-European assessment of the eutrophication risk association to the use of phosphates in detergents", INIA/Green Planet, April 2009.

Official Layman's Summary LINKFull report:  LINKSCHER Opinion (9/11/2009):

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