European Green Paper on Phosphorus
The EU published in 2010 a report on "Sustainable use of phosphorus", underlining that EU food security relies on imported phosphorus, both in fertilisers and ‘embedded' in imported foods and animal feeds, and that actions should be engaged to reduce Europe's phosphorus dependency, including optimising land use and agricultural P use, P-recovery and recycling, reducing food wastes and P-losses. The Commission has now confirmed the objective to publish a "Green Paper" on phosphorus in 2012, as a basis of discussion with stakeholders and institutions, to define a phosphorus resource efficiency strategy. Stakeholder input will be invited in response to the Phosphorus Green Paper in 2012.
"Optimizing Natural Resources", Michael Hamell, DG Environment, EU Commission, 19th October 2011 (Fertilizers, food and natural resources conference - Fertilizers Europe):
Conclusions of the Expert Seminar on the sustainability of phosphorus resources, EU Commission DG Environment, Brussels, 17th February 2011:
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