Green Alliance - P stewardship for a circular economy
Green Alliance, UK environment NGO, has published a report on "A circular economy for resource security", looking at three key resources: water, metals and phosphorus. The work involved the UK Environment Ministry DEFRA and a wide range of stakeholders, including industry, users and environmental NGOs. Green Alliance point to other important reasons for concern about phosphorus supply security: increasing demand (growing world population, increasing meat and dairy consumption in developing countries, phosphate fertiliser needs for energy and other non-food crops), geopolitics (phosphate rock reserves are held by only very few countries) and declining quality of available rock (lower P content, higher problem impurities). The report indicates that a more circular economy for phosphorus, with both more efficient use and increased recovery and recycling, is necessary both to address supply security (essential both for long-term national food supply, and for many other user industries) and to reduce negative environmental impacts of phosphorus loss to the environment. Available online at:
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